3 Apr 2016

MAC Velvet Teddy (18 EUR) - MAC Soft Ochre (21 EUR)

MAC (Makeup Art Cosmetics) is the brand that every makeup artist adores. The brand just provides way too big variety of products and colours that can satisfy the MUAs' craziest fantasy. I picked out two of my most used products from MAC and coincidentally, they are both matte and on the muter side of the spectrum. So here we have: Velvet Teddy and Soft Ochre.


Velvet Teddy is just the perfect nude lipstick for my skin tone (light - medium Asian with yellow undertone). It is a neutral beige, a tiny bit brown colour. The lipstick might look warm in the bullet, but on my lips it does show a bit of pinky hue. This kind of shade is quite close to the trendy Kylie Jenner  nude-ish brownish makeup that we're all crazy about nowadays. 
It has a matte finish, which is my fav. And like other light colour lipstick, it still does reflect some light, so your lips do not look flat. 
Unlike other matte or retro matte lipstick from MAC, Velvet Teddy is extremely creamy, opaque and hydrating. The lipstick goes on smoothly and doesn't emphasise your lip lines or dry patches, which is not always the case when it comes to light colour lip products. 
The only downside I found with this is that its staying power is not as great as other matte lippies' from MAC. It can be moved around quite easily, but that also means it feels very comfortable on the lips. My final word for Velvet Teddy: ADORE!

Bare lips

Velvet Teddy


Soft Ochre is such a versatile product. People normally use it as an eyeshadow base because it gives a good coverage to the eyelids, a sturdy base for the eyeshadows to stick to and a perfect canvas for any colours to pop. Soft Ochre might look a bit yellowy in the pot, but on the skin it, becomes quite white and bright. 
Even though officially it is an cream eyeshadow, I do use this little pot in many areas of my face, not only on the eyelids, but also:
- in the waterline to open up my eyes
- underneath under-eye-concealer to counteract the purple darkness 
- on my lips to conceal my lip-line or tone down my lip colour
- on the edges of everything you want to clean up, wink liner, brown, lipliner, you name it. 
The things I love most about this paint pot are its amazing coverage and staying ability. It sticks to the skin for a really long time and really helps the eyeshadow, or anything you put on top to stay put.   

Although Soft Ochre remains creamy in the pot for a good amount of time, it sets really dry on the eyelids to quite a powdery finish. And in case you apply it with a heavy hand, it might look cakey and cracking up. Funny enough, you'll still need to set this bad boy with some kind of powder. Soft Ochre feels dry on the skin, but somehow it will still creases if you let it set by itself. 
This product would be perfect for oily to very oily eyelids but it would feel dry and heavy on normal to dry skin like mine.

Soft Ochre gets rids of the redness on my lids and around the eye

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