3 Apr 2016

MAC Velvet Teddy (18 EUR) - MAC Soft Ochre (21 EUR)

MAC (Makeup Art Cosmetics) is the brand that every makeup artist adores. The brand just provides way too big variety of products and colours that can satisfy the MUAs' craziest fantasy. I picked out two of my most used products from MAC and coincidentally, they are both matte and on the muter side of the spectrum. So here we have: Velvet Teddy and Soft Ochre.


17 Feb 2016

Avene is one of very few skincare brands that actually pay attention to sensitive to exceptionally sensitive skin. The brand is famous for its thermal spring water, which is the main ingredient in most of Avene's products. Thermal spring water is claimed to have the calming and healing ability on the skin, especially benefits those who have sensitive skin. Although there is not much of the published evidence that proof the fame, according to Paula's Choice, thermal spring water is safe and doesn't do any harms to the skin. 
I personally do enjoy using these two products, even though they are in the pricier side. They doesn't do much to the skin's texture or hyper-pigmentation but for sensitive, post-acne skin like mine, it's enough that they are moisturising and not irritating. The two are both free of irritating ingredients like fragrance and alcohol, and both have very basic formulas with the backbone ingredient of thermal spring water. 


25 Jan 2016

ZEST (15 EUR) - No Drought (8 EUR)

Lush has become pretty big for the past few years. Its bath, hair and even skincare products have been raved all over the Internet by YouTubers and Bloggers. Indeed, Lush is the best "green wash" brand I have ever came across because it sounds as fancy as a 100% natural cosmetics brand and its products actually work. Again, I have no prejudice against "green wash" or actual 100% natural organic brands. As long as the product works well, I am totally fine with its added "safety synthetics". Another disclaim is that I bought these two guys in Munich winter 2014, that explains the German labels and ZEST, the old name of ZESTE. 


17 Jan 2016

L'oreal Colour Riche in 297 Red Passion (11.45 EUR); Lord & Berry Vogue Matte in China Red (18.31 EUR);
Daniel Sandler Matte in Valentina (17.95 EUR)

They're all super intense and opaque, incredibly creamy and comfortable to wear. They are somewhere in the midrange of the market, between the high ends (Nars, Chanel, Tom Ford) and the drugstores (Wet N Wild, ColourPop). Once they're on your lips, they will never stray. They can give you a full coverage bold look or can be sheered out for daytime. These are the crimson colours I swipe over my pout.


25 Dec 2015

LUSH Santa's Lip Scrub (7.5 EUR) - DR.BRONNER'S Organic Lip Balm (4.15 EUR)

I hate to say this but these two products are examples of "Natural cosmetics are not alway affective". Although I adore the fact that both of the brands are cruelty-free and use fair trade ingredients, the products' effectiveness always goes first when it comes to reviewing and recommending. This lip combo has been tested for more than 3 months and it has shown very little result on my lips.