25 Dec 2015

LUSH Santa's Lip Scrub (7.5 EUR) - DR.BRONNER'S Organic Lip Balm (4.15 EUR)

I hate to say this but these two products are examples of "Natural cosmetics are not alway affective". Although I adore the fact that both of the brands are cruelty-free and use fair trade ingredients, the products' effectiveness always goes first when it comes to reviewing and recommending. This lip combo has been tested for more than 3 months and it has shown very little result on my lips. 


SANTA'S came in Lush Christmas Collection 2014. It has been well loved by many beauty bloggers and YouTubers, just like Bubblegum and Popcorn was. All of Lush lip-scrubs basically have the same formula of sugar and oils (coconut, jojoba and what not). While the caster sugar exfoliates the skin, the oils nourish and add moisture back to the lips. As all Lush lip-scrubs are edible, you can actually lick off your lips after scrubbing. The special thing about this lip scrub is its flavour: Coke. It smells and tastes very much like Coca Cola minus the carbon dioxide gas. I also leaves a slightly red-coral tint on you lips, which I love. 
Like other "green wash" products, it contains 80% of nature ingredients (some are organic, some are not) and a touch of safe-to-use synthetics for texture and colour (read the full ingredients here). Let me be clear, I have no problem with "green wash" brands or products. As long as they are safe and effective, I don't really mind if they are organic or 100% chemicals. But in this case, I am kind of disappointed. The scrub does make the lips softer but it doesn't remove my dry patches. It might be that my lips are super dehydrated and Finnish weather is horribly drying, but those sugar particles, with vigorously scrubbing, can't really do anything to break down the death skin and remove it from the new skin. Therefore, this product could be absolutely useless when dealing with heavily chapped lips. I bought it from Munich Lush store for 7.5 EUR. For a lip-scrub that you can DIY with just sugar and oils, I personally think that it's a bit overpriced. 


Unlike SANTA'S, Dr. Bronner's organic lip balm is 100% natural and organic ingredients except for the added-in Vitamin E (Tocopherol). The flavour I picked is Orange Ginger, which smell more of ginger than of orange. The lip-balm is packed with Jojoba, Coconut, Hemp seed, Orange and Ginger oil (read full ingredient list here) . What I like most about this lip-balm is that unlike many others I have used, it adds in a very moderate amount of beeswax, just to bring the oil together. This means you have more oils in the tube and less beeswax as a filler. This also make the application smoother and very comfortable to wear. You not gonna have that waxy and heavy feeling on your lips while still feel moisturising and nourishing. However, the high concentration of oils makes this product running out much faster and makes your lips more oily. It also sinks into the lips very slowly. So this lip-balm is not idea for under lipsticks. Additionally, because it moves around so easily, it doesn't stay on the lips for very long time, usually reapply after 2-3 hours and most of the time, disappear on the lips over night. However I still think this is a decent balm for lips as you can't really go wrong with 4.5 EUR (on ASOS) and a pack full of essential oils.

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